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Abstracts and Presentations


Conference attendees wishing to present the findings of their research at the conference MUST submit for review, an abstract, describing their research and findings.

Abstract Format 

  •  The abstract must be written in complete sentences, and abbreviations should be avoided 
  •  The abstract should present to the reader a comprehensive idea of the study 
  •  Typically, images and references are not included in abstracts 
  •  Submit the abstract using the Presentation Guidelines Document
  •  Use the sample abstract as a guide. 

Abstract Content 

All abstract submissions are reviewed according to the criteria outlined below. The abstract should be informative and contain the following in specific order:

  • A short, descriptive title followed by the list of names of all authors 
  • A statement of the hypothesis or proposition (Introduction, Background or Specific Aim) 
  • A synopsis of the content, or statement of the methods, whichever is pertinent (Materials and Methods) 
  • A summary of the results obtained, if applicable 
  • A general statement of conclusion, if possible 
  • Discussion/Summary, such as a brief statement of what impact the presentation or research findings will have on the sciences and/or humanity 
  • A maximum of 700 words in length; abstracts should not be written in the first person 
  • Acknowledgements to respective schools, programs, departments, mentors, labs, etc. 

Qualifying Research Areas 

The list of research areas that qualify for presentation at the Conference has been published


Abstract Submission Deadline 

Friday, September 21, 2018 is the deadline for submitting an abstract.

Oral Presentations

The 10-minute presentation (to be followed by a five-minute question period) may be accompanied by a PowerPoint slide show (NOTE: No Prezi presentations will be accepted).  The file, containing the slide show, should be uploaded to our Dropbox site- no later than 10:00 A.M., on Monday, October 15, 2018. Use your full name for the file name; e.g., a file submitted by Mark Moore would be named mark_moore.pptx.  We recommend, strongly, that, as a backup, you also bring your presentation to the conference on a USB drive.  All presentation rooms will be equipped with a (non-Macintosh) computer which presenters will be required to use if the presentation will include a slide show.  All presentations will be stored on the computer, in advance, provided that they were submitted by the deadline.  Personal computers will not be allowed.  Failure to deliver the presentation, on time, may result in the presentation not being done.


Please note that the maximum size for posters is 36 inches x 48 inches (either landscape or portrait orientation). Posters may be smaller. They may be printed on paper alone, laminated or mounted on foam core (although the last option is not recommended). Deliver the poster, on Friday, October 19, 2018 (it will be mounted for you in the appropriate room/session). The day’s program of events will then begin when a continental breakfast will be served.  Additional helpful suggestions for poster presenters can be found at the WISC Writing Center Website; your Web browser will be re-directed to the University of Wisconsin-Madison Writing Center Web site, in a new window.

Presentation Schedule

Your scheduled presentation time (or times, if you are doing both a poster and an oral presentation) and room location will be published on this Web page and also on the Program Web page, no later than Monday, October 15, 2018.

Presentation Specifications

Pay close attention to the specifications for the presentation.
Download the presentation specifications in PDF format.